Bodyguard Service Ibiza, Spain

Looking for an experienced bodyguard or close protection security team in Ibiza, Spain?  Our International Network of bodyguards (executive protection agents) handle clients from CEO Protection, Celebrity Bodyguards and Executive Protection Agents for Dignitaries in Ibiza, Spain. We are licensed, bonded and insured bodyguards in Ibiza, Spain. 

Our close protection teams are of the highest caliber in our organization.  Each agent is selected after an extensive process of elimination by our recruitment  section. All security agents are in excellent physical  condition, and are required to maintain their  athletic appearance throughout their tour of duty in the Executive Protection Division. Among our agents in Ibiza, Spain are military Special Forces personnel and exceptionally trained and distinguished law enforcement officials.

The Executive Protection Division (Ibiza, Spain) provides immediate response to threats against corporations, employees and private individuals.

  • Discrete Bodyguards Ibiza, Spain (plain clothes)
  • Armed Transport Service Ibiza, Spain
  • Residential Protection Details 
  • Corporate Protection Details 
  • Prisoner Extradition
  • Aviation Service
  • Casino Service for Cash Game Players Ibiza, Spain
  • BDU Bodyguard Service Ibiza, Spain (black military style uniform)
  • Close Protection Teams Ibiza, Spain

Leading Bodyguard Service Ibiza, Spain

We are the Leading Bodyguard Company of the International Executive Security Association. The world's only association of private security companies, private investigators and bail enforcement agents, operating together to get the job done anywhere in the world.

On-Line Checks Ibiza, Spain
The problem of unauthorized or suspicious activity happening on personal or office computers is a major concern. “Extracurricular” activity or adult chats pre-occupying a spouse, child or employee can have devastating effects on relationships, both personal and business. Our Private Investigators online background checks performed by computer experts not only dissect the hard drive to extract the sought after information, but also can trace and record online chats, web sites visited, etc. To help identify these areas of concerns, our Private Investigators will provide the necessary information about where the person or persons in question have been visiting while on the computer.

Fire Watch Security Service