bodyguard service San Diego, California

Bodyguard Service San Diego, CA

Looking for an experienced bodyguard or close protection security team in San Diego, California?  Nationwide security employs over 2700 close protection operatives (inclusive of contractors) Nationwide. Our International Network of bodyguards (executive protection agents) handle clients from CEO Protection, Celebrity Bodyguards and Executive Protection Agents for Dignitaries in San Diego, California. We are licensed, bonded and insured bodyguards in San Diego, California. 

Our close protection teams are of the highest caliber in our organization.  Each agent is selected after an extensive process of elimination by our recruitment  section. All security agents are in excellent physical  condition, and are required to maintain their  athletic appearance throughout their tour of duty in the Executive Protection Division. Among our agents in San Diego, California are military Special Forces personnel and exceptionally trained and distinguished law enforcement officials.

Among some of this division’s responsibilities are:

  • Discrete Bodyguards San Diego, CA (plain clothes)
  • Armed Transport Service San Diego, CA
  • Residential Protection Details 
  • Corporate Protection Details 
  • Prisoner Extradition
  • Aviation Service
  • Casino Service for Cash Game Players San Diego, California
  • BDU Bodyguard Service San Diego, California (black military style uniform)
  • Close Protection Teams San Diego, California

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close protection bodyguard teams San Diego, California
Leading Bodyguard Service San Diego, CA
Nationwide Security is the Leading Bodyguard Company of the International Executive Security Association. The world's only association of private security companies, private investigators and bail enforcement agents, operating together to get the job done anywhere in the world.

We can assist in reviewing your company’s security and safety programs and provide insight to lessen your liability exposure. We can set up your security program, evaluate property security, prepare security manuals, provide employee training, and lead regional or national seminars for your company.

Spotter Service San Diego CA
Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are remarkably easy targets for theft.  A professional spotter scrutinizes the bartenders, waitresses, and the doormen.  Our spotters take the guesswork out of the service industry, which has been historically notorious for reporting loss due to dishonesty in their employees.  

Our spotters have decades of experience in the nightclub and bar industry and they can be utilized to:
  • Conduct surveillance on bartenders
  • Conduct surveillance on doormen
  • Document the incidents of theft or customer abuse
  • Testify in court on behalf of the establishment 

Nationwide Security is a Full Service Bodyguard Company Serving San Diego, California. Specializing in Close Protection Teams, Secure Transport, Discrete Bodyguards, Residential Protection Details , Corporate Protection Details, Prisoner Extradition, Aviation Service, Casino Service for Cash Game Players and BDU Bodyguard Services throughout  San Diego, California (black military style uniform).

Bodyguard Company Serving San Diego, CA Secure Transport - Bodyguard service San Diego, CA  

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